Sunday, May 15, 2011


I am currently addicted to this J-Rock Girl band. :D
Their songs have been in my playlist for months already.  And recently I got songs from their album, 'Temptation Box'. :D

Scandal is composed of four high school girls from Osaka, Japan: Haruna Ono (guitar, vocals), Tomomi Ogawa (bass, vocals), Mami Sasazaki (guitar, vocals), and Rina Suzuki (drums, vocals).  Yes, they can all do vocals. :)  Haruna, the band leader, does not have to get all the spotlight. And that is what's good about this band. :D

The band was introduced to me by one of my closest friends.  The first time she showed me a photo of the four, she identified each member effortlessly.  I was like, 'Huh?? How were you able to differentiate them? They all look the same to me!'  Hahaha.

I forgot the the title of the first song my friend had me listen to, but immediately what I thought was, the sound, the music, the melody were good. And they sounded like they were singing an opening song for an anime.  Sure enough, my friend told me that they also sang Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood's fourth ending theme song!  The title is Shunkan Sentimental. :D

But after looking and watching more of their photos and videos, I was able to finally recognize who is Haruna and who is Rina.  They became my personal favorites.  They are the oldest and the youngest members of the group, respectively.  I was still having a hard time recognizing who is Mami and who is Tomomi, though. Gomen. -.-

Among the songs in Temptation Box, I listen to Namida No Regret (Tears of Regret), Sayonara My Friend (Goodbye My Friend), and GIRLism the most.

S.L.Magic is my current ringtone because of the way the music starts.  It really surprises me.  Haha. :D

I don't understand the lyrics but the first time I heard them I already liked them. :D The beat, melody, and sound seem very powerful to me.  I get the general meaning of the song by googling for their translations. Hehe.

Here is the video for Namida No Regret.  From my understanding, it sort of talks about how a couple decides to part ways.  However, the other still cannot accept it and from time to time cries about it out of regret.  
*Credits to Dailymotion and Vimeo for the videos.


  1. ooohhhh, i love watching animes! i know, at my age sometimes people say..."DUH?!" LOL. but i don't care, it's fun and it's one of the things that my sons and i enjoy doing together. :)

  2. forgot to add: love the new template! gusto ko narin mag.change, kaso wala pa akong nakita; actually, tamad maghanap. lol.

  3. yes, same here! i think some people really got the misconception that animes are for kids only. haha.

    thanks! goodluck on your template hunting! :D

  4. Yeah i love this band is really cool, i have been listening jap music for 3 years i guess and recently i start to hear in english and spanish again and is completely different, but i can say that i learn a lot of japanese with music that i can handle a normal conversation now.

  5. Hi, Dakuro! Thanks for dropping by my site. :)
    Yes, the band is really cool. :)
    Wow, I've been wanting to learn the Japanese language as well. :D