Saturday, October 1, 2011

Korean Film Festival 2011: 7 Different Colors of Love

Last September 24, Au and I went to SM North for the Korean Film Festival 2011 with 7 Different Colors of Love as its theme. We were able to watch two Korean films for free! Thanks for the invite, Au! <3

The films were both heartwarming. They tackled life's struggles of losing family members, friends, and jobs as well as life's winning moments when one reunites with loved ones, finds a sense of purpose, expresses his thoughts freely, and achieves simple yet grand dreams.

"SECRET REUNION” – (Starring: Kang Dong Won, Song Kang Ho). Song Kang-ho, an ex-agent of the National Intelligence Service who is very  careful about his actions, is paired with Kang Dong-won, a former spy from the North. 
Song’s character was released from the NIS six years after the gunfight which happened in the heart of Seoul; however, both men keep their identities hidden from each other.

This one is a little disturbing with all the bloodbath~ around. But went quite funny in some scenes especially when the main characters started living in the same house. :) 
For me, the movie spelled betrayal, trust, friendship, longings, freedom, stand.

“THE HAPPY LIFE”(Starring: Jang Geun Suk, Kim Yun Seok, Kim Sang Ho, Jung Jin Young) - The plot revolves around three former members of college rock band, Volcano, who were reunited by the death of their leader. At the funeral, a young, jobless lead guitarist Gi-Young (Jang Geun Suk) suggested that they reform the band with him as the new front man.

Totally funny but also inspiring. :D The actors were so natural you'd think the characters they portrayed were all shaped according to their personalities. :D
For me, the movie spelled friendship, dreams, hope, and smiles. :D


  1. Kang Dong Won! I love this actor.. Try mo yung isang movie nya, 'Duelist'.. hehe

  2. Hala. Magkaribal tayo pagdating sa kanya. :D
    Sige, sige, try ko 'yan! :D

  3. Hala, hindi naman.. Magaling lang sya.. hehe.. May mas trip akong iba :D

  4. Ahh. Mabuti naman at ipinaintindi mo sa akin. :D May Duelist ka ba? Enge! :D

  5. meron haha...:D

    actually marami akong collection ng korean dramas tas konti lang yung korean movies.. hehe