Saturday, October 22, 2011

My Cousin's 21st at La Mesa Ecopark

Last October 18, 2011 we celebrated my cousin Erlie's 21st birthday at La Mesa Ecopark. :)
It was a Tuesday, which coincided with her day off but not with mine so she forced me into filing a vacation leave. :p I figured that my presence could be the best gift that I could give her so I didn't really think twice about it. :)

Preparation. And because it has been our greatest frustration to document everything that we do together, I finally bought a Canon PowerShot A2200 14.1 MP digital camera. :) Hooray! :) Thanks to Alyssa's credit card I didn't have to pay for it right away.

Since we planned to prepare things early, I decided to shop for groceries and sleep with them the night before. And in my haste, it felt like I brought too much - swimming attire, super large towel, three shirts, toiletries - but I was only able to bring one pair of shorts. >.<

The Big Day. We rode a taxi from Marikina to Ecopark for 200Php.

We were lucky because the taxi driver allowed the six of us to fit ourselves inside his car. Haha.

Upon arrival at probably past 11am, we chose a nice, cool place at the picnic grounds to eat our bountiful lunch c/o my aunts' and cousin Reyna's cooking powers. Yum!

After singing for the birthday girl, we let her make her birthday wishes before blowing the candles. :)

After everyone has eaten we decided to try wall climbing for our first activity.  We begged the guard at the entrance to let us leave our leftover food just behind his desk because leaving your things anywhere isn't exactly allowed.  But how can we enjoy roaming around when we always have to carry with us all our stuff? I personally didn't suggest renting a cabana because I thought it too expensive for our budget. Haha.

On the way to the wall climbing site, we saw this lovely plant... 
...and we can't help striking a pose beside it. :D

To make the activity more fun and more exciting, we decided to hold a competition. We grouped ourselves into two and the team who finishes faster wins (Obviously. :p). The losers shall pay for the next activity - zip line. Hehe.

That's me, almost done with my first wall climb! :D I can't believe the pressure. XD Everyone's shouting, cheering, encouraging. My limbs are so shaky after the climb. >.<

Our time sheet! We won! :D Hihi. :D

I decided not to participate in zip line. I just rested and took pictures of them while they're enjoying the activity. :) Next, we took the food we left beside the very understanding guard at the park entrance and went back to the picnic grounds. Some of us ate merienda while Vilma and I decided to rent bicycles.

The biking area is so limited that we actually had to do hard turns. >.< But still, I enjoyed it because I really loved riding a bicycle. <3 I think it's the only "adventurous" thing that I can do confidently. Hahaha. =))

After that, we walked around, ate some more, took more pictures, and changed our clothes. Then we went to the stairs of 100 steps to wait for the sunset. :D


My first sunset photo. :)

For La Mesa Ecopark's complete rates, click here. :)


  1. Php200 for the trip to the park? mahal din pala 'no? hehehe, oo..kuripot ata ako. :D
    been ages since i went there...parang ang sarap ulit pumunta. :)
    ps. ganda ng shots!

  2. forgot to add: congratulations on your new camera! :)

  3. Thanks, maiylah! :)
    Actually, 180Php lang. Pero since taxi, nagpapadagdag. So hindi na kami nagpasukli sa 200Php namin. Hehe. Oo, visit ka uli! :)