Sunday, May 8, 2011

Club Manila East: AUB IT Department Outing 2011

Asia United Bank's Information Technology Department went to Club Manila East (Taytay, Rizal) for this year's summer outing. :D

Compared to last year's attendance, there were more employees who joined this year.  Main reasons were, the summer outing this year was not an overnight activity and for a minimum of thirty (30) employees, each person gets a subsidy of 700Php courtesy of our HR. :D

The entrance fee to Club Manila East is only 350Php, so we still got 350Php left to spend for our food, fare, etc.

I went there alone, as I already live in Marikina.  Most of my officemates, however, met at Ministop, Robinsons Galleria at 6:45AM.  They then took a G-Liner bus to CME.  I believe it was less than an hour ride for only 20+ pesos.  It was so unfair because I spent 90Php for my fare. Oh well. :D Ang arte ko kasi, FX - LRT - FX - Shuttle.  Pwede namang palitan ng jeepney ang lahat ng FX. =p

Upon arrival, we went to our cabana named Pakil and numbered 121.  It was complete with a shower room in which a small family of cockroach lives (buti na lang bongga ang public restrooms/showers nila), chairs, a working telephone, and at the center is a circular table for placing our belongings.

After changing to proper swimming attires as imposed by the resort, we immediately headed to the pool. :D Yipee! Water! :D

I do not know how to swim, though.  So as usual, I just stayed near the 'shore'. Haha. But still, by the patience Au has exhibited in teaching me, I learned how to do the Dead Man's float and the normal float. Hahahaha.

We spent most of our time at the somewhat private pool behind our cabana and Doña Nellia restaurant.  One our bosses, Sir James, started out a game of diving for the 25centavo coin thrown in the pool.  It was not being participated by most at the start, however, when Sir James shouted that for every time you get the coin, an equivalent of 50Php would be given, everyone suddenly became competitive. Hahaha! Nagkaka-pisikalan na nga eh.  Nakisali na rin ako, kahit paa at mata ang gamit ko para mahanap 'yung coin. =p

Before eating lunch, we braved the OceanWaves. :D Grabe, stressful! We needed to jump in sync with the waves continuously. One can't even shout properly because the waves suddenly lands at you hard in the face! Hahaha! :D

During lunch, we opted to try for Doña Nellia restaurant rather than at the available fast food restaurants in the resort - Jollibee, Chowking.  Food prices are really affordable, less than 200Php or so per meal. And each serving is actually good for 1-2 persons already! There were lechong kawali, sinigang na baboy, breaded porkchop, adobong baboy, lumpiang shanghai, chopseuy, fish fillet, etc. But before we got to enjoy the meal, we needed to wait for.. was it 1 hour? Apparently, the staff were not ready for the number of guests that they needed to serve.  Pero friendly and accomodating naman sila. :D

Then, the 25centavo game commenced once again. :D

Au and I wanted to try riding the kayak after knowing that no additional charges were needed.  But the line was relatively long.  Tamad namin.  =p More so with the zip line, mas mahaba ang pila. Ang haba at ang bagaal din kasi ng ride. XD May na-stock pa nga sa ere, kung kailan malapit na sila sa finish line. Haha. :D

Therefore, nagbabad na lang kami sa pool. :D

Lastly, when I dug into last year's outing photos, I found a great change in me. Hahahaha!

Before-after. Spot the... changes? :D
Within a one year time frame lang 'yan. :D


  1. another fun company outing!
    oh, i spotted the 'changes'! i prefer the 'after' shot. :)