Sunday, April 29, 2012

Angel Beats!

When I first tried to watch this anime, I got a little confused on the purpose of their battlefront against a little high school girl Yurippe dubbed as tenshin or angel. It was also a bit disturbing especially during the first few episodes at how the characters look at hurling a giant scythe at each other as just another past time. I thought, 'I watched several animes featuring sword piercing, limbs breaking, eyes being gouged out but never in such a 'nothing-really-serious' a mood as presented in Angel Beats! XD' From then on, I postponed watching this anime.

After my friend explained to me why they are fighting Tenshin, who would only be Kanade in later episodes, and after a couple of 'Dali, panoorin mo na 'yung Angel Beats! Tapusin mo na. :D (Come on, finish watching Angel Beats!. :D)'  from my boyfriend, I finally got around to finishing this wonderfully crafted anime. :D And I was like, 'Why did I ever give up on this anime? Tsk.'  It is so hilarious and so profound. :D

Haven't we all wanted to live our lives without any regrets, without any dreams unfulfilled before meeting our deaths? Unfortunately, the characters in this story all died full of regrets, wishes that weren't granted, dreams that remained just dreams.  For them, life is just unfair. Hence, they all died without peace.

Fortunately after dying, they were all sent into a world where they all have chances of getting whatever they missed out of their lives. However, most of them fail to understand why they were there and so constantly rebelled and fought against what they actually truly wanted in the first place.

It sends to us a message that just because you didn't get what you wanted, you have to fight against whatever forces which prevented you from getting it. Because a bigger picture may reveal that everything is just as you wanted it to be - peaceful and happy. :D


  1. "Haven't we all wanted to live our lives without any regrets, without any dreams unfulfilled before meeting our deaths?" <<<i love this. :)

    o diba, dalawa pa pala kami ni edmund na humihikayat sayo. :))

  2. Wah, semi-spoilers! I'm at the brink of downloading this anime since my friends keep telling me so, but I haven't yet. Interesting premise, I must say. Thanks for the unintended push! :D

  3. Hi Chad. :D Thanks for the comment. :)
    Don't hesitate, download it now! It's worth every space in your hard disk. Haha. :)