Sunday, March 11, 2012

Drowned in Books at The Floating Library. :)

Welcome on board! :D

Yesterday, Al, Edmund and I went to MV Logos Hope - the floating library/book fair that docked this year at Pier 15 Manila South Harbor. :) I was a bit hesitant at the beginning because I was just planning to rest for the whole day. However, the anticipation of seeing and being surrounded by a lot of books (in one of the uncommon places) won over. It's one of my simple joys, you see. v^^

When we arrived, the line was not yet long because we decided to come early.
There is an entrance fee to PHP20.00 for persons above 13 years old. 
When we entered the ship, we were first asked to watch a 3-minute video about MV Logos Hope. 
Rules were also given after watching the video. From what I can remember, the important ones include the following:
  1. The book fair is one way. You cannot enter from where you exited.
  2. Once you're already out, there's no going back. So just take time to choose which books you really wanted to buy. :)
  3. Return the book in its shelf should you decide not to buy it. As our host would put it, no "halo-halo" books. :)
After several 'YES!'-es to the never-ending 'ARE YOU EXCITED??' from our very perky host, we were finally inside the book fair! :D
The room's almost already jam-packed but we can still fairly move around.
There is a really wide selection of books - fiction books, biographies, dictionaries (although much to my surprise I wasn't able to find a Japanese-English dictionary), cookbooks, health books, children's books, spiritual books, and even Chinese books. With over 5,000 titles to choose from and at cheap prices, I was really overwhelmed. o.O
Browsing books. :)
They also sell other items such as tumblers, mugs, t-shirts, caps, cards, journal, pencils, pens, ID laces, toys, maps, post cards, etc. 
The uber long line at the cash desk.
After paying at the cash desk, we entered another room where textbooks are sold. You can buy 3 textbooks for only PHP500.00 and it already comes with a free bag. We also saw secondhand medical books for only PHP100.00 each.
Books that I bought. <3
I was especially lucky with Deceiver's Game because it already includes three books for only PHP150.00.
I actually saw three more books that I liked.
However, I said to myself that I would only be buying two books. :) Besides, I forgot to bring cash. >_< 
And then, we were suddenly into an exhibit called Journey of Life wherein a series of big pictures tells the story of the prodigal son.

Lastly, after the exhibit, there is a cafe which sells snacks (popcorns, cakes, hotdogs, waffles, and drinks).  There is also a band that entertains the customers. :)

When we went out of the ship, we saw the long line of people waiting for their turns to pay their entrance fees. We were so glad that we went there early. We could already imagine their difficulty whilst inside the ship browsing for books here and there, reaching for books on high shelves, etc. >.< Nevertheless, it just might mean that it was a success for MV Logos Hope. :)

I hope that MV Logos Hope comes again next year. :)

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