Sunday, July 15, 2012

Kada Meow at La Mesa Ecopark (= ^_ ^ =)

From plans of spending the summer at Puerto Galera to Zambales to Antipolo, our Kada Meow summer get away escapade happened last June 10, 2012 at La Mesa Ecopark. :))
Meet-up at KFC.

We saw each other 9AM at KFC Concepcion. We also bought our lunch there.
From left to right - Anika, Dawn, Kathleen, Margot.

Taxi Ride to Ecopark.
We rode a taxi to Ecopark. During the ride, we were praying for a good weather every time that droplets of an impending strong rain were splattering the taxi's windshield. Funny how the clouds seemed to tease us by pouring at random intervals some of their accumulated water. :p  Luckily, upon arrival to the park, God granted us a very fine weather. :D  

And Feels Like It's Our Own Paradise.
Also, thanks to the NBA Finals and the Pacquiao-Bradley fight, there were few people in the park. We can practically own a portion of the whole place. 
And so, after eating our lunch we decided to invade the playground first. :D
Next, we owned the [main] road and took jump shots until we perfected it and until our legs complain of the ordeal. :))

Flora. :3
Some photos I took of the flowers that thrive in the park. :D So wonderful. :D

Global Gutz. Wall Climbing and Ziplining. And Pictionary. v^^
Next, we went to the Global Gutz area. We went wall climbing and ziplining. We all felt the tension in our arms and legs after the climb (I wasn't able to finish the climb this time, though -.-) but it was a relaxing experience when we let ourselves be taken by gravity [against the cool and soothing breeze] in the zipline ride.

After the Global Gutz adventure, we played Pictionary. :) Thankfully, the personnel in charge of the area allowed us to use one of the cabanas. It was an imagination-and-creativity exerciser, not to mention jaw- and belly-exerciser as well because we were laughing most of the time. :))

My One-Hundred-Step Climb For The Third Time. :p
We completed our Ecopark experience with the one-hundred-step climb all the way to the top of the staircase to see the La Mesa Dam.

Dinner at Cafe Lidia in Calumpang.
I've been wanting to try eating at this restaurant. I always pass by it while riding the shuttle on my way home. The location is a bit farther from the main road, and the place itself sort of blends with the surrounding houses. In short, it can't be easily spotted and not the kind of place you'd visit often. So I really wonder why this is very popular among my friends. That's why I got so excited when Dawn and Anika suggested to have an early dinner at this restaurant before going home. :D

These are the main dishes that we ordered. Yes, we all loveeee pasta. :D
And Cafe Lidia scored mighty high according to my belly and taste buds. :9
I wonder when I'll go back in here.

Post Scripts. Because I Am Cheesy. :>
I'd like to thank Kathleen, Margot's beloved sister, for having the patience in taking some of the awesome shots shared in this post. :) Also, some photos used in this blog post are from Margot and Dawn. :)

To Kada Meow, thanks for the time we spent together. :D And for being loyal to our friendship. You're all rare treasures, I am so lucky to have you. <3 *tears*tears* :)) I hope we can do this more often! See you soon! :) Love, love. <3

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