Sunday, July 1, 2012

At Hana and Choto Stop in Little Tokyo

Through Edmund's navigation powers we  finally visited Little Tokyo last June 9, 2012. :)) Little Tokyo is situated along Chino Roces Avenue. Just find a way to reach Park Square One Mall and your just one jeepney ride away, you can always ask the driver to let you off at Little Tokyo. (But in our case, we had to take a different path because the shuttle didn't reach Park Square One Mall.) 
One of the two entrances to Little Tokyo. :)
When we arrived, I was a bit 'Ito na 'yun? (This is it?)' :)) I was thinking that the place would be more.. hmmm.. grander? Or just a little bigger than what it actually is. Hehe. There were also so few people around. Most shops were also closed. Maybe because it was a Saturday. But isn't it that more people is supposed to be out on weekends? XD Anyway, that was good for us because it meant lesser people are needed to be served. It also meant less stress from walking around while dodging people along the way. :)

On entering and going through what felt like a tunnel to Diagon Alley, we immediately saw the well-renowned Hana restaurant. :D
When we went inside, we were greeted with several "いらっしゃいませ!" :D
(Romaji: Irasshaimase! English Translation: Welcome to the store!) 
After taking our seats, the lady who assisted us gave the menu. And wow, I was overwhelmed with Kanji characters. =)) I really hope that I took the time to study and memorize at least five Kanji characters a day so that my Nihongo lessons are put to practice. XD Anyway, we ordered California Maki (a forever favorite :9) and bento without the gyoza.
This arrived shortly after we ordered our meal.
This one costs around Php200++.
This arrived after more than an hour.
Or after the California Maki got fully digested inside our stomachs. :))
This bento also comes with a soup. :)
The set is around Php300++. Gomen, again, I can't remember the exact amount. :p
Thankfully, there were other things to do while waiting. A television was showing a Japanese channel with a replay of NBA games, so I practiced reading Katakana characters. :)) 
And Doraemon was also there to keep us busy. Hehe. 
Still, Edmund had to follow up our order twice. XD And I also got a little annoyed because of too much waiting time. Anyway, the food was great so eventually I calmed down. :D We haven't got the taste buds for the sashimi, though. XD

After eating, we decided to look around. There wasn't much to see because as I said, most shops were closed that day. :( So we went to the grocery store called Choto Stop. :D Everything was priced pretty much the same as Daiso store - you know, the everything Php88 or Php66. Hehe.
We bagged these items from the store. :D
They were both priced Php80.

Hmmm.. I think I might still want to try the other restaurants next time. :D

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