Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Secret Recipe Unlimited Cakes and Coffee!

For my birthday this year, Alyssa and Aubrey gave me a cashcashpinoy voucher. :D

Secret Recipe branch at Level 5, Shangri-La Mall, Mandaluyong City
Edmund (he had his own voucher :D ) and I finally availed the promo this month.
Here are the cakes that we indulged ourselves with. :9 We all enjoyed eating them with a hot cup of jasmine tea. *thumbs up* Why tea instead of coffee? Well, we were given a choice between tea or coffee and we chose tea. :)

I forgot what each of them is called. -.- But my favorites include strawberry (top left), mocha (top right), and the one with a banana-like taste (middle, right). I never thought I could finish three slices of cakes within an hour. Haha! :D

Thank you, Al and Au! :D


  1. "I never thought I could finish three slices of cakes within an hour. Haha!" may waiting pa kasi sa pag bigay ng cakes, pero ang isang cake sayo, 3min lang. wahahaha!

  2. Hindi naman! Sobra ka naman. =))

  3. tapos kumukuha ka pa sakin. bwahahahaha!

    joke lang. :D 1 hour. :)

  4. Aba! Ikaw rin kumukuha sa akin. :))

  5. For Unlimited Cakes and Coffee, Please visit TCB Unlimited with branches in Katipunan, Shangrila, West Avenue, Quezon Avenue, SM Marikina, SM Masinag, Antipolo, Tagaytay and Naga.

    Visit their official facebook fan page to know more -

    1. Hi! Thanks for passing by and thanks for the info! I'll look into it! :D Your Chilled Strawberry Cheesecake made me drool! :9