Saturday, June 18, 2011

NSO Birth Certificate Delivery

I just got my birth certificate delivered. :D

I decided I needed another original copy of my birth certificate because I heard that you need to submit one when applying for your passport. Yes, I am thinking of getting one. Good thing NSO birth certificates can now be delivered.

You can either call or chat with them.  Of course, I chose the latter. Hehe. You will then need to fill up the required fields. After that, an agent will begin chatting with you. He/she will confirm as to who will be getting the birth certificate from the delivery man, as to how many copies do you want, etc.  Then if all is settled, he/she will ask you to click an 'accept' button.

Instructions on how you can pay will then be provided. Take note of them.

I paid 330Php for one copy. And true enough, exactly two days after my payment, my birth certificate appeared at our doorstep! :D

There are two slightly annoying things, though.  

One is, when you state that the reason why you want a copy of your birth certificate is for passport application, you will be required to input a destination country. I think, they should leave that optional.  Not everyone who gets a passport already has a destination country in mind - like me. Hahaha. So what I did was to simply put a dash (-). Hihi. As a programmer, I know that the system might only be checking the length of the string that I typed. When the length is greater than zero, you pass. Haha.

Lastly, in the chat part, I thought for a moment that the connection may be broken because the text that I typed will only appear after perhaps 6 seconds. But I got used to it eventually. :D


  1. we need to have our passports renewed this year, kaya kelangan ulit namin ng NSO Birth Certs...oo nga, mas convenient kasi di ka na pipila! medyo mahal nga lang, mas lalo na kung malapit lang ung NSO Office (kagaya ko), lol.

  2. off topic: browsed through your "Find Me" section at napa-WOW ako sa achievements mo at such a young age! congrats! galing galing! :)
    ..aatend ka pala dun sa Blogger's Buffet; read the list at 'kilala' ko dun isa lang (hehe, wala kasi masyadong oras mag bloghop) si Jennifer Valmonte. Have fun!

  3. Haha! Good luck on your NSO Birth Certs! :D
    Thanks! We'll be looking forward to meeting her. :P