Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Crazy Katsu

Last Sunday, September 9, 2012, was another food trip for our Kada. This time, Margot suggested to eat at our dearly beloved city, Marikina. :D
(I don't know for Dawn since she lives farther, but she must also love Marikina City because she keeps coming back to it just to see us. Hehe.)
Margot found a blog site that features eating places in Marikina and she decided that we should give Crazy Katsu and Spartea a try.
Coincidentally, Anika has been meaning to eat at Crazy Katsu as well but in UP Teachers' Village branch. She didn't know that there is a branch at Marikina until then.
So next to Margot, Anika was second in feeling super excited. :)) 

Margot, Dawn and I met at my house.
Kuya Marlon, Margot's ever-loyal and ever-trusted transportation service to almost anywhere she wants to go to since childhood, brought us to Crazy Katsu via his Magical Tricycle. :D
We arrived rather early at around 10:50AM and found the place still closed. They open at 11:00AM during Sundays. So we had to stay outside the restaurant and bask in the heat of the sun for several minutes or so. :p
Anika came late because of a family matter (which might involved a lot of packing up and carrying things around because they were transferring to a new village/subdivision) so the three of us decided to go ahead and eat first.

The menu, is comprised of only a few dishes. They even offer only one soup and only one dessert. (And of course, I got hooked into practicing my katakana and hiragana once again. Never mind the kanji. ROFL.) We tried Tonkatsu, Gyoza, Curry Rice and Pudding. :9

This one is a winner. d(^_^)b
Tender meat, breading thickness is just right, plus tasty sauce. :D
So creamy and thick. :9 Super great with rice. :9
Hmm. Just your average delicious gyoza. d(^_^)
That was worth ten years of friendship of Margot and Dawn.
They had a fight regarding Margot's inability to perfectly divide it into three equal parts. :))
But after tasting it, we realized that it was not worth the fight.
Your mother can surely cook a better pudding than this one. XD
Unfortunately, when Anika arrived nothing was left for her try. :p So she ordered another dish.
I haven't tried eating fish and vegetable tempura before.
Or I might have forgotten about it already. :p
So this one is a refreshing Japanese food for me.
The eggplant tempura is a thumbs up for me! :D
Overall, it's not bad to go back at this restaurant again. :D I'd like to try their other katsus some other time. I just hope that their air conditioning system is fixed by then. Next stop, Spartea. :)
#48 Lilac St. Hacienda Heights, Concepcion II, Marikina City
Operating hours: 
Mon-Thurs 11am to10pm  
Fri & Sat 11am to 11pm
Sundays 11am to 10pm 

Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Crazy Katsu

Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Spartea
Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Casa Feliz


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