Sunday, September 16, 2012

Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Spartea

Last Sunday, September 9, 2012, was another food trip for our Kada. This time, Margot suggested to eat at our dearly beloved city, Marikina. :D
(I don't know for Dawn since she lives farther, but she must also love Marikina City because she keeps coming back to it just to see us. Hehe.)
Margot found a blog site that features eating places in Marikina and she decided that we should give Crazy Katsu and Spartea a try.

After our eventful lunch at Crazy Katsu, we walked to Spartea. Along the way, we saw many restaurants waiting for us to try. Lilac Street is really a food heaven for food trippers.
Anika and Dawn ordered White Winter Melon (they have three winter melon varieties).
Margot tried Kiu Milk Tea.
I am not very fond of milk teas, in fact, I despise them. :))
It just doesn't suit my taste buds.
So I opted for Strawberry Green Tea with Egg Pudding. :)
Strawberry love~~ <3
Kiu Milk Tea is their signature milk tea. It has a smooth texture and a caramelized sugar taste. :) My Strawberry Green Tea has real strawberry bits! :D I am also glad that it went well with the egg pudding. :p

Other teas from their menu:

Spartea offers more than just refreshing and healthy teas for you.
The have manicure, pedicure, massage and spa services as well, hence the name of the establishment. :D
See below the list of services that they offer as of this blog post:

Lastly, they also have sandwiches and spa packages. :) I'm not really into spa, so their offers do not appeal to me. :p But Margot, Anika and Dawn were really interested to try below packages that they offer. :)

While finishing our teas, we took several photos via my newly discovered functionality of my camera - self-timer with multiple shots. LOL. After 11 months, this was the first time that I tried this feature.
And this is one of the cutest shots. :3

Finally, before leaving Spartea, Margot decided to buy two cheese sandwiches as pasalubong for her family. Next, Casa Feliz. :)

2F Bennt Bldg., 67 Lilac St., SSS Village, Marikina City, Metro Manila
Tel. No.: (02) 861-7016

Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Crazy Katsu
Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Spartea
Kada Meow @ Lilac Street: Casa Feliz

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