Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finding Pixie Powders

I crossed this road
Believing that this time
Only magic will happen
Happy pixie powders showering
Creating memories worth keeping
And sharing

But I should have known
All pixie powders
Come with cursed apples
Evil enchantments that made me lose my way
And scents that muddled my thinking

But nevertheless,
You always come
And be the knight I need

To rouse me from my closed mind
To protect me from feeling helpless
To shield me from senselessness
And to bring me back to the pixie powders

I know you also get tired
Those duties you always willfully fulfilled
Must also take its toll on you

So I'm sorry I lost my way again
I wish to find my way back to you
Even if this time, since you're tired,
I must do it on my own.

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