Sunday, October 3, 2010

On 'Wish You Well' by David Baldacci

Chapter 21

‘Number of children fathered got little enough to do with being a good daddy.’ - Louisa Mae Cardinal

Chapter 27

‘And he goes round with a fat roll of dollar bills, and got this nice farm, and all them fancy machines, and man let his family starve.’ -  Louisa Mae Cardinal

‘See, that why I ain’t go to church.  Figger I got me a church wherever I be.  Want’a talk to God, well I say, ‘howdy-howdy, God,’ and we jaw fer a bit.’ - Jimmy ‘Diamond’ Skinner

‘Miz Louisa, she believed in God with all her soul.  But she don’t subscribe to church much.  She say the way some folk run they’s churches, it take God right out cha heart.’ - Eugene Randall

Chapter 29

‘Well, that dog was all Diamond had.  When you love something, you can’t just sit by and not do anything.’
‘I suppose it may be God’s way of telling us to love people while they’re here, because tomorrow they may be gone.  I guess that’s a pretty sorry answer, but I’m afraid it’s the only one I’ve got.’
‘You’re wise beyond your years. And what you say makes perfect sense.  But I think when it comes to matters of the heart, perfect sense may be last thing you want to listen to.’ - Cotton Longfellow

Chapter 32

Lou looked at Davis there praying like God was in his heart and home, while his family remained behind in rags and fear and would have starved except for the kindness of Louisa Cardinal.  She could only shake her head.

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