Monday, December 27, 2010

2010 Recollections: A Lot of Firsts

            The keychain and the teddy bear that you gave me went 6 years old.
            But we never did get past our first year.

            Out of whim, our thesis group decided to join Global Game Jam Manila 2010.
It is an annual event held all over the world whose objective is to develop a game within 48 hours.  The theme for Manila is bug, slugs, and plugs.  We met and interacted with high-caliber people, got more than enough freebies, and ate regardless of the time. J We somehow messed up with the final presentation, you know, technical stuff. But we bagged the runner-up title. J
Here’s the video of one of our games, Trash Talk. (Yes, we made not one, but two games. ^_^)

            For the first time, my picture got printed on an official paper. :)

            And although our names weren't mentioned, this article in Manila Bulletin talks about us. :)
            We are currently thinking about joining Global Game Jam Manila 2011. ;)

~You got to pick a pocket or two. ~
            Dawn, Margot and I finally went out again together. We watched Oliver Twist, a play organized by the AB Child Development Education students of Miriam College.  Unfortunately, after the play we were not able to take even one picture of us together because Margot needed to go home already.

            For the first and the last time in my college life, I joined a field trip. It was in my Marine Science I class.  We went to Morong, Bataan ‘s Pawikan Conservation Center.  After letting the baby sea turtles find their way from the shore to the ocean, a short lecture was given.  I was just listening to the lecture because I needed to answer a questionnaire given by our professor until I learned that most of the people in the conservation were once culprits in eating sea turtle eggs or selling sea turtle shells. Those facts about sea turtles, I could easily learn them all through Google, but learning them through people who were once involved in things they are now against with was totally more meaningful.

            Our thesis paper got accepted in PCSC! J However, due to lack of financial resources, only two of us were able to fly to Davao where the Philippine Computing Science Congress was held.  To get accepted, applicants must first submit a paper regarding their chosen field.  Ours was on multiple-interaction methods in teaching elementary and secondary mathematics.

            I also attended Asia United Bank’s UP-close cocktail night where I met my future bosses and colleagues.

            And a day before my birthday, I learned how to play Tower Defense. J

            I had my first nail polish. I didn’t know what got into my mother’s head that afternoon. She went home with a bottle of nail polish and went on cleaning my fingernails.

I wonder what you will say; you do not like girls with nail polish.

            I got inducted as a member of Phi Kappa Phi. Little did I know that my English 10 professor who gave the lowest grade during my first semester at college will be the one shaking my hand during that induction night. I almost hated her because if it wasn’t for her I would have been a US.  Funny, we now belong to the same honor society. Haha.

            Because of my stupidity, I needed to take a summer class. T.T I lost count of the number of units I have to take to complete a certain subject domain. Worse, I already signed my contract as a full-time employee and was set to start at this month.  In the end, I had to study in the morning and work in the afternoon. T.T

            Then, Muning bit me. T.T  It was an accident.  Muning, always keen on territoriality, was angered when a stray kitten went inside the house. Her furs went all up, and she was showing her fangs as she intently glared at the stray kitten.  Then I came, looking cool and relaxed and thought of picking Muning out of the way so the stray kitten could get out of the house. But Muning, alert as she already was, suddenly bit and scratched my left hand as soon as I attempted to pick her up. T.T My left hand swelled badly. It was weeks until I could type on the keyboard with both hands without having to endure so much pain.

            My summer class ended. My official first day of work began.

            I joined the summer outing of the department. Guess where.. Morong, Bataan. Haha. ^_^
I saw jellyfishes in live action for the first time.
I rowed a boat for the first time.
I wore a life vest for the first time.
I rode a motor boat for the first time.
I went to Pawikan Conservation Center for the second time. =p

            I had a date with Lileth, my BFF since elementary. We went to Red Mango for dessert, it was my first frozen yogurt experience.

            I got my first mid-year bonus, I used most of the money to buy my external hard drive.
            I ate my first buffet lunch at Kamayan. It was the definition of gluttony. *bloated*
            I had my first taste of French Baker breads.

            Caleb’s first birthday! J You can visit him here. J  
            I brought at home our first ice-cream cake from Bake and Churn. My parents and I enjoyed it to the last bite.
            Of course, I got all the cherries on top.

            We had an unplanned MyMathVentures meet-up.  Guillard treated us our dinner at Teriyaki Boy.  It was my first time.

            Kada Meow’s 8th anniversary.
            Much to my delight, I finally experienced Shakey’s Monster Meal Deal and Red Ribbon’s White Forest cake. v^^

            After French Baker, I also had my first taste of Bread Talk breads. For a time, I got so addicted to them.  My favorites were Kick-kick and Berries and Cream. J

            Now, I wonder what you did on your birthday.

            Guillard’s birthday treat at Kenny’s.  Au and I had to experience such parching hunger first before eating. T.T

            I experienced the heavenly taste of Beard Papa cream puffs for the first time.

            Margot and I dated twice. J
            We both ate at JiPan’s for the first time. I love its big serving of sukiyaki! The beef was so tender and the broth so tasty. =p

            The second date was a movie date.  We watched Life As We Know It after eating a whole carbonara platter by ourselves.

            We also had our first presentation with the President of Asia United Bank. 

            I got my first year-end bonus. v^^

            We started to practice for the sing and dance contest to be held during our Christmas party.  All newly hired employees were forced into joining it actually, because if I had a choice, I never ever would join it.  Nevertheless, I just enjoyed the practice nights because every hour that passed is equivalent to an OT pay. Hehe.

            I can’t believe you were the one signing my report cards.

            Shakey’s Double Down. So salty and so oily, a very sinful food indeed. >.<

            Harry Potter 7. Ü First time at Podium cinema. First time to watch Harry Potter without you.

            I had a birthdate with Lileth. It was her first time at Tokyo Tokyo.

            My grandmother passed away. This poem was all I could do for her since I was not able to attend her burial and funeral rites.

            It’s hard to be kind.

            Best pantry experience. ;)


            AUB Christmas Party, we won second place. Hehe. We took a lot of pictures. And really, pictures paint a thousand words. <3

            TEDxManila 2010.  I thought that I will not be able to attend. Gladly, I was invited and deemed a VIP. v^^ I learned that I am a super-empowered hopeful individual

My favorite talk was made my Mercedes Gonzales-Pingad, better known as Mommy Ched. J Very inspiring. At 67 years old, she still is a sophomore at college. I'm excited for the video so that I can listen again to her heartrending yet funny speech.  You can view her profile here=p

            Au and Guillard bought my first dress (well technically, my first dress was the one I wore during the party but that was more of a costume, okay? =p ) which I first used during UP Lantern Parade 2010. J

            There are people, who the more you do for them, the less they will do for themselves.-Jane Austen

            Last lunch out for the year at Cajun. =p

            My first vacation leave was finally approved. So later, I’m off to Bicol. J

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