Sunday, January 23, 2011

Rain Dance

The rain summons me.
It wants to fill me with cold.
It wants to fill me with warmth.
But I stand under a tree,
Where only minuscule drips are allowed

I see them all laughing.
They run around like lunatics.
Constantly stumbling,
Constantly falling,
Sometimes blinded by the curtain of downpour,
Yet finding their ways around effortlessly,
Yet enjoying every stinging droplet
For where they are, they also feel comfort.
They also feel secured.
They also feel complete.
They feel loved.
And they can show love the way they know how -

When will I leave the tree,
When will I throw the umbrella,
When will I strip off this raincoat,
When will I dance with someone under the rain.

Who can hold my hand firm enough to pull me?

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