Saturday, January 22, 2011

Global Game Jam Manila 2011 Seminar

We finally decided to accept the invitation for Global Game Jam Manila 2011!
Game development.  Game design.  Game art.
These are the three things that were tackled in GGJ11 Seminar.

The event's official flyer. :)

On Game Development.
Mr. Sony Valdez discussing collision detection.
And the mathematics behind it. >.<

Luna and Paul Gadi in the house! :)
Paul Gadi's talk on Game Dev. :)

On Game Design.
Jay Gavarra opening slide on game design. :)
Blurry Jay Gavarra.
He is one of the members of the last year's Global Game Jam winning team. :)

On Game Art.
Title of game art's speaker's presentation.
Also an advice for next week's Game Jam. :)

The Participants.
A looming crowd of boys. >.<
That's me. With Alyssa. We're one of the few girl game jammers.


Other pictures taken from the seminar can be seen here. :D
We are currently feeling a little nervous right now.  But come what may, I know we'll win friendship. :)

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