Saturday, February 12, 2011

Midwest Literary Magazine: Winter Canons

Surely, being determined has its reward. And I just earned it! :D

At the bottom of all the countless rejections I received from different literary publications, you’ll see the much coveted string of characters: A-C-C-E-P-T-E-D.

Oh yes. My poem just got accepted at Midwest Literary Magazine (MLM) February 2011 issue. :D
It makes me happy indeed. And double the happiness because that poem is for my deceased grandmother.  So that makes it more meaningful. :D

And sure enough, I found my name at MLM’s homepage.

Looking at the online magazine, I found my piece on page 55. :D

And that’s not all. Yesterday, a message from the administrator told of the release of Winter Canons last February 10, 2011.  “It is the largest anthology to date, and one of the most competitive.”

Look, look! I’m in book three! :D

I really want to have a copy for myself.  But I’d also wanted other people to have a copy of it.  So if ever, they would read and know how much I value my grandmother. :D

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