Saturday, February 12, 2011

Global Game Jam Manila 2011

It was the second time Manila hosted a GGJ at Philippines.

By indiscreetly (what with the pillows and big paper bags we were carrying!) sneaking out from the office, our team arrived at the GGJ site earlier than we actually expected.  I was in fact the 27th person who registered.

And so once again, I am a proud participant. v^^

Just a refresher, GGJ, essentially, is an annual event that encourages game developers, game designers, and artists from novices to professionals to collaborate and to share ideas about game making.  And the ultimate goal is to develop at least one game within 48 hours. Ü

It isn’t just sharing any ideas about game making. It must revolve around one theme. For this year, Extinction. And this time, no restrictions.

So making new friends is a sure shot! Meet ours, the real and pro artist in our team (because I was just pretending to be one… =p ).

As for the rest of my team mates…

The programmers
The game designer, entertainer, tester, back up artist, back up programmer, documentation manager
I was basically the same, minus the ‘game designer and entertainer’ part.
The complete team
So, here are some of the things I did.

Draw. Yes, there's Facebook in between.
Until there was almost nothing to observe. :D
After the 48th hour,  we were able to submit two games.

Yep, our team name’s Easy A. It’s not in reference to the movie, really. XD

Because of this event, I want to learn three things. One is how to use a game engine in developing a game.  I must try Unity. As the saying goes, we do not have or should not try to reinvent the wheel. Two, is how to develop a game in hand held devices. I must probably start tinkering with J2ME first. And three, is how to use GIMP and Photoshop to its fullest potentials. And therefore, my desire for a pen tablet became more intense. *pout*


For our award. :D

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