Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dr. Jose Rizal, Don’t Be Sad Now

When you said through Elias
‘I’ll die without seeing the sun
Rising up in my beloved nation.’
Perhaps you were sadly wondering
Of what it might look like.
When the sun rose,
It scattered four proud colors

Of mighty red,
Peaceful blue,
Bright yellow,
And pure white.
They danced in the winds,
Waved with the cheers!
Woven perfectly,
Together they stand for our country!
Red flared with courage
During the ruthless war of rights
When they stole our lands
And emptied our hands.
Blue prayed earnestly for peace
Like everyone did in those times
While they used religion to tweak our minds.
Yellow ignited and kindled the hope
Of each and every citizen of each and every abode
Amidst the centuries they spent as lords.
And after the battle is fought
What remained were the oppressor’s white cloth
And our desire to continue our whitest intentions.
Through the clouds, Sir!
Wherever you are
Red, blue, yellow, white
Are the brightest that you’ll see.
Flashing the grandeur of freedom,
Giving worth to your and others’ martyrdom.
And today, Sir,
We carry these colors around the globe
We raise the flag proudly
Holding with both hands, waving it unceasingly.

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