Saturday, July 9, 2011

Swimming at Flamingoes Garden Resort

It's been a long while since my cousins and I went on an outing. The last time was around 14 years ago? Haha. You see, our families aren't fond of reunions. :p

I am the oldest but with only a few months difference in our first glimpses of the world. Reyna, Erlie, and I grew up together in the city, while Lara grew up in Bicol (Remember my entry about pili nuts? :) ).

Erlie suggested we try at Flamingoes, since it is nearest to our homes. It offers overnight swimming, and I actually insisted on that part because I didn't want to get sunburned again! The rates are affordable too - only 150Php/person for staying overnight. There are also a wide variety of cottages to choose from. You can even rent a mango tree (with arc benches below it) for two persons! =)) Seeing as we didn't have any plans about sleeping anyway, we chose a nipa hut for 4-5 persons amounting to 400Php. v^^ Bringing of food is also allowed.

Our bountiful dinner! Spaghetti, pininyahan, hotdogs, chicken, rice, french fries. Reyna and Erlie did the cooking, so my only contribution here was the juice. Hihi.

 After eating to our heart's content, we headed for the pool! Only Erlie knew how to swim, so she took the responsibility (and the oh-so-amazing patience) to become our instructor. After five hours, I was finally swimming! =)) I noticed that the first step was conquering my fear of 'lying down' on the water.

I am the one in the middle. =)
Erlie, Lara, and I
Reyna, Lara, and Erlie

Hopefully, this will be the start of more bonding moments with them. And our next target is Puerto Galera. Haha. v^^

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