Saturday, July 30, 2011

SSAM @ 50: Come Loyal Benedictine Children

I certainly did!

Margot and I decided to attend the alumnae homecoming of St. Scholastica’s Academy Marikina (SSAM) last July 17, 2011. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of our alma mater.

Since we came at around 9:45am, we missed the Holy Mass which started at 9:00am. Naturally, most of the people were gathered at the venue for the mass, Sr. Imburg Covered Court (SICC).  Therefore, we took the opportunity to roam around the campus to take pictures! :D

We noticed A LOT of changes in the school!

Gate 3 is not the same as before. Now, there are bleachers instead of benches. That is sad. When Dawn, Margot and I were first years, we used to sit on those benches and wait for our Christian Living Education (CLE) teacher, one of the campus crushes. :p

The chapel now has an AC. Cool. v^^ The wall behind the altar has also been transformed. It is now made up of sliding window panels. Every morning, before classes begin, the three of us visits the chapel to say our little prayers.

The arrangement of classrooms was also changed.  We had a hard time finding the locations of our previous sections. And unfortunately, the hallways leading toward the third and fourth year classrooms were locked. So we were not able to go that far. =(

Margot's Sections
First Year: St. Agnes; Second Year: St. Lucy: Third Year: St. Milburga; Fourth Year: St. Catherine
My Sections
First Year: St. Agnes; Second Year: St. Monica; Third Year: St. Walburga: Fourth Year: St. Frances
Dawn's sections:
  1. St. Agnes
  2. St. Margaret Mary
  3. St. Milburga
  4. St. Catherine
Kristine's sections:
  1. St. Clare
  2. St. Monica
  3. St. Hilda
  4. St. Teresa
So basically, Margot and Dawn were classmates for three years.

I met Kristine when we were first years. When we became classmates during second year, we were practically inseparable ever since. :D I always eat with Kristine and Dawn during recess and lunch. Margot had a different set of friends to eat with.  But mostly during recess, we just stay at the library to finish home works or projects or just rest.

Margot and I also went to see the newly installed swimming pool! (Is this right? Are swimming pools installed? Or built? XD)  It is located beside at the left side of the SICC Gym. Where there was only grass back then, now there is a swimming pool. Scholasticans are now being taught how to swim.  Good thing I already graduated because I would surely fail the subject. LOL.

Then we saw other batch mates. It was funny how some of them grew to become very pretty ladies when they were so boyish back then.  And some of them already got boyfriends. Haha. :p

Of course, Margot and I reminisced a lot. =)

The campus quadrangle. :) Every Mondays, all high school students gather around this area for the singing of the national anthem, singing of the school hymn, morning praise and some announcements.
On regular days, we just stay in our classrooms. We just face in the direction of the quadrangle when we sing the national anthem.
The staircase leading to the first year wing. When we were in second year, our social studies teacher accidentally lost her balance because one of her heels broke. And I was there when it happened. Good thing she was able to hold onto the railings quickly because I wouldn't know what to do if she fell down to the bottom. XD
This is the staircase leading to the washroom. The painting's still the same. It is actually composed of tiny puzzle pieces. We never got to learn how many there were. :p
The bulletin boards where we showcase our clubs. Margot and I always belonged to the same club since second year. :) When we were fourth years, we were the president and vice-president of the Organization for the Development of Scientific Interest (ODESCI), respectively. Kristine is the treasurer. :) Dawn, however, belonged to the prestigious Sining at Tanghalang Pilipino (STP) because of her natural acting prowess. :)
There were many fond memories during our club activities!
One of them happened here at the old rubber tree which seemed very haunting especially at sunset.
During the preparation for our amazing race event (to be held at night) I had to face my fears to be able to tie the papers properly at the tree's numerous vines. XD
I love this sign. :D
The library. :D We always stay here after eating our lunch (when there are no club obligations).
How many times did the librarian reprimanded us regarding our noise? Haha, countless. :D
This is the shortest path when one wants to go the opposite side of the building - just walk straight ahead. :D
I usually sit near the teacher's section. v^^
This was where I finished reading all the Harry Potter, Nancy Drew, Chicken Soup, and arts and crafts book.

I am very happy that I became part of this institution. The values I learned will forever remain in me, 'simplicity of lifestyle' among others. :)

I miss Ora et Labora (Pray and Work)!

I miss saying That in all things, God may be glorified.

I miss singing ~I will sing forever of Your love, Oh Lord~
(To think that there was a time when we had enough of that opening song. XD)

Thanks to Margot for some of the pictures. :)


  1. awww andami talagang fond memories ng highschool! (yay, normal na ulit ang language setting ko! =)))

  2. Oo, gusto ko na uling maging high school student. Haha. :)
    Ay mabuti naman, nagkakahawaan kasi tayo eh. :p

  3. awww... it was indeed fun going back and reminiscing... but meh, i feel so old already. :)) i feel so bida here coz it's always "margot and i". though, it's not like you have a choice since we were forever together that day. but hey... we were also with diana, ellen, crystal, carmi, triza and friends [lol] and jew and bianca. :p yey for seeing them again~ <3

    i'm sorry that we did not get to watch the night show. LOL. ang mga paltos ko, hanggang ngayon e naghihilom pa. :))

  4. margot: you know how anti-social i can be. :p but i also enjoyed their companyk, promise. :)

    haha, it's okay. :) ako rin, palagi pa ring may band-aid sa papa ko. haha. :))