Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Pottermore: I'm SeerSand155


That was what I was doing with my browser almost every five minutes yesterday. I was just so eager to answer the Day 2 Clue for Pottermore. :)

I also visited forums regarding the possible time when the Day 1 Clue appeared on the site.
Au realized that we actually got an edge over the western countries since their ungodly hours correspond to our waking hours. Haha.

So finally, we made it!

The clue was regarding the chapter in the Chamber of Secrets where Professor McGonagall cancelled  the Quidditch match between Gryffindor and Hufflepuff.

After getting the answer to the clue (that Au so willingly gave me, thank you so much to her), hastily adding it to the end of the URL, quill.pottermore.com/ and then finally hitting enter, I was practically holding my breath while I was waiting for that loading bar to finish. Haha. =))

Next, a matrix of photos will appear and you have to choose which one of them is the Magical Quill. :)
Choosing the correct photo will lead to the following screen. :)

Upon clicking the arrow, I was so happy when the Magical Quill finally wrote my name in the large book!

Wee! I'm magical! :)

Next step, is the actual registration.I was asked for my birthday, name, email address, password, and a checklist whether I watch and/or read every Harry Potter books and movies.

Afterwards, I selected a username from among the list given to me. However, I was not able to create my account immediately because the captcha did not load properly.

I was getting frustrated at this point. I kept on refreshing the page but to no avail. I was becoming worried that the registration might be already closed. We found out that this was also the problem of others who tried registering and apparently they got around with it by changing their browsers.

So I switched from Mozilla Firefox to Opera. I was panicking while I was going through the registration process again because I was really worried that I might not make it before the registration closes.

But luck was on my side, the captcha loaded, I type F-i-n-e-,- -m-m-e-a-l-l-s-o, I checked the 'I have read and accept the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy', and clicked Create my account. =)

So, yay! I am SeerSand155! =)

Lastly, I checked my email and activated my account! =)

I am so happy! =) I'm excited for October. =)

And there are still five days left.
So, just keep refreshing! =)


  1. You lucky duck!!! Thanks for posting this...now I know what to look for if/when I get int

  2. You're welcome. :) Good luck. :)

  3. Got in!!! CloakWolf164 :)