Sunday, September 11, 2011

Avril Lavigne: Wish You Were Here

~I can be tough, I can be strong
But with you, it's not like that at all..~

Avril Lavigne is the first singer I went crazy with back during my high school days. I can still remember myself religiously copying and memorizing ALL the lyrics of the songs from her first album (generously given to me by Margot as a gift, and she has since supplied me with the rest of Avril's album until I got myself a job, haha.), Let Go, so that the lyric sheet (is that how you call it? XD) that comes with it would not get too creased. We actually got our barkada's theme song from that album - Anything But Ordinary. It goes like ~I'd rather be ehh-ni-thhhing but ooordinaaarii, please~ Haha, as if you can hear it. =))

Avril really went beyond the ordinary pop-rock singer when she surprised all her fans with the release of her third album, The Best Damn Thing. I was like, 'What happened to her?? What's with the pink-color-themed album?? And there are sexy songs! How will I sing them out loud like her other songs??' XD But being a fan I still memorized them all. My favorites from these album include Keep Holding On (used as the OST for the film, Eragon), When You're Gone, Runaway, and Innocence.

Anyway, her newest music video is for the song Wish You Were Here. It's from her latest album, Goodbye Lullaby, (which I bought with my own money, yey~!).

The video is soo simple but anyone who can relate to the song can be really moved by it especially when Avril cries (while still singing). The flower that she's plucking petals from and eventually burns is so symbolic of probably the memories that she has from the person she wishes to be with her. I just thought that it went a little off when suddenly a bath tub is in the middle of the room. XD Well, I don't know, it might also be a symbol of another idea the song wants to convey.

~I remember all those crazy things you said
You left them running through my head~

~You're always there, you're everywhere
But right now I wish you were here~

*credits to for the music video.

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