Sunday, September 4, 2011

Mr. Slint's Foreign Affair

Mr. Slint's Foreign AffairMr. Slint's Foreign Affair by Carlo N. Samson

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Jardeth Slint never wanted to be a diplomat, so he was stunned to find out that the application he filled out (at his mother's suggestion) led to him actually getting the job!

Now, on a steamy Drevonian island, he goes to the Governor's Palace to complete his first mission. What happens there completely changes his life!

I stumbled upon this e-book on getfreeebooks. It is included in 6 Free Fantasy & Science Fiction Ebooks pack and downloadable at various formats. :)

It is very apt for anyone who wanted to take a break from all the hard reading he did - 
quite amusing and very easy to understand! :) It discusses slavery, "cultural" beliefs, and how much compassion could actually put one's life at greater risks but at a more satisfying experience. :)

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