Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Tinkering with Android: Hello, Android! Ü

Oh yes! Finally, I said hello to Android. Haha. :)
In my last post, I thought I was doing something wrong that's why I don't see the Hello, Android app working.

Thank you so much to this post from anddev.org, I finally realized that I just have to play around with the emulator much like anyone would do with the real Android phone. Hahahaha. I'm such an ignoramus. >.<

So here's what I did:
Wait for this loading screen to finish.
Tried clicking around this screen until I happened to...
Drag that lock icon until it reached that green dot.
Only then did I realized that the phone is locked and that’s the way to unlock it. :D

Click that grid in between the phone receiver and the earth icons below.

The menu then shows up. :D
I was so happy when I saw the icon (highlighted in orange) for the Hello, Android application! :D
Upon clicking that icon, the 'Hello, Android' string finally appeared! Yay! :)
I know it isn't much yet to be really happy about, but for programmers displaying hello is always the first step to learning a new language in general. Haha. :p