Saturday, September 10, 2011

Why Do We Live? :|

I ALWAYS wonder why we live.
And sometimes I wonder why I ALWAYS wonder why we live.


  1. For me, we live to find out what would make our hearts race with wonder, constrict with terror, expand with joy, squeezed with sadness, beat steadily with contentment. I hope to live in a way that at the end of my life I can look forward to death as the next great adventure (as Dumbledore aptly put it) because the life I've lived was an adventure in itself. By adventure it doesn't have to be as grand as to be worthy of a Pixar film; it can be as simple as looking ways to fix a bug ala treasure hunt using google. Haha

    And oh wow, this is blog post worthy. I'm feeling poetic tonight :) Don't be so emo, Angge. Life is awesome, if you choose to see it that way. :)

  2. Nice. Those are really good thoughts, as expected from Ausome. :D
    Thanks, thanks. :D
    Yes, I'm just feeling emo today. =))

  3. first of, i love lelouch's picture. :))

    second, i think you always wonder about it because there is happiness in finding out you have a sense. a purpose. that you are needed.

  4. Margot, as for me, I love Lelouch. Haha. :D

    Well, good for those who feel happy when they find that they a sense, that they have a purpose, that they are needed. :)
    I have long since found out the purpose of living (feeling ko lang ah) but sometimes I don't really feel happy about it. Hahahaha. Since college, I think we live so that others may live. Kahit sino ka pa, kahit ano ka pa, nabubuhay ka para mabuhay ang iba. Kaya nga selfish ang mag-suicide 'di ba? :p

    Pero paano ang mga iba na just can't give enough even though they try really hard.. while others strive on living selfishly.. Talagang 'strive' eh.. Hahaha.

    Katulad nga ng sinasabi ko sa'yo, kung hindi sana tayo nabuhay, eh di hindi natin kailangang mabuhay. Hindi natin kailangang mabuhay para sa ikabubuhay ng iba. Bukod pa doon, wala pa tayong choice kung gusto ba nating mabuhay o hindi. XD

    I'm so negative. Hahaha. But don't get me wrong, I appreciate the life God has given me. :D Kasi kahit paano, nakakapagenjoy naman ako. :D At sa mga panahon naman na hindi ko masasabing nagenjoy ako or malungkot ako, nandiyan naman kayong mga loyal friends ko to make me smile. :)

    Naiisip ko lang talaga 'to from time to time. :p

  5. natawa naman ako dun sa suicide. lalo na at isa yun sa nasabi ko sayo kanina. :p

    siguro, aside from finding your purpose in life, it's also elating to find a sense of fulfillment... yung tipong na-achieve mo yung mga gusto mo sa buhay, kaya masaya.

    sa totoo lang minsan, naiisip ko na yung mga taong selfish, masaya. :)) coz come to think of it, sometimes what hinders a person to be happy is the fact that he/she thinks too much about what other people would say, how would they feel about it and the effects it'd have for others... so ayun, sacrifice ng sacrifice. or lack of confidence in ones' self. sabi nga dun sa akilla and the bee, 'people are afraid of success' or something like that. aside from fear of failing, if you succeed, siguro yung what comes after it. the responsibility. then again, kung wala kang gagawin, wala ring mangyayari sayo. :p

    life is indeed one big struggle. >.<

    anyways, thanks for always being there. and know that i'm also here for you. :) you are always welcome. <3