Friday, November 18, 2011

DFA Online Passport Application and Delivery

Last October 14, 2011 I scheduled an appointment at DFA to get my passport. It was really convenient because getting an appointment is done online. Just visit the DFA Passport Appointment System site, click the Set an Appointment link at the left hand side of the webpage, and follow the instructions given. :)

When you arrive at DFA, they sort the people according to their appointment times but it really pays that you arrive at DFA earlier.  Because, as long as the office can accommodate the number of people inside, the guards will let the people fall in line. My schedule was at 8:30am, but they let me in as early as 7:45am. :)

I asked that my passport be delivered, so I paid an extra charge of Php120.00. 

I was so happy when I saw the LBC package last November 16, 2011. Haha. :)

With that, I must say 'Hello, World!' =))


  1. oo nga, madali lang kumuha ng sched online at mabilis din ung processing habang andun ka na sa DFA. as long as dala mo na lahat ng requirements... :)
    kami nakalimutan ung ibang requirements kaya balik ulit s bahay (from DFA to Diliman, hahaha)..buti nalang mabait ung nag.asikaso ng papers namin at sabi nya hihintayin daw niya ung buti naman di masyadong traffic! before noon tapos na kami! :)

  2. thanks, maiylah. :)
    wow, from dfa to diliman! maswerte pa rin kasi mabait ang nagasikaso. hindi kayo back to pila?
    may mga nagkwento kasi sa'kin dun, nakailang pila na raw sila. >.<

  3. san kaya pwede makakuha ng details sa lahat ng nagrenew ng passport last nov. 16, 2011.. If anyone who can help me just leave a message to my email

    Thanks to this site....

  4. kong sino man ang may alam kong sino nag renew ng passport last nov. 16, 2011 just leave a message to my post eadd...maybe you can help...

    salamat po uli....

  5. Hi, you're welcome. :) Glad to be of help. :)
    Are you asking about details regarding passport renewal? Maybe mas madali kung tatawag sa DFA? :)
    Good luck!