Tuesday, November 3, 2009


import emotions.*;
private class YouAndMe {
private String you;
private String me;
private int arguments;
private boolean isUsOkay;
private boolean youHappy;
private boolean meHappy;
private boolean youFeelLoved;
private boolean meFeelLoved;
private YouAndMe(String you, String me, boolean isUsOkay, int arguments) {
this.you = you;
this.me = me;
this.isUsOkay = isUsOkay;
this.arguments = arguments;
youHappy = false;
meHappy = false;
youFeelLoved = false;
meFeelLoved = true;
private String willToBeTogether(){
if(youHappy && youFeelLoved && isUsOkay && (arguments == 0)){
return “We will be together!”;
return “We will not be together”;
private static void main(String arguments[]){
YouAndMe us = new YouAndMe(”best”, “angel”, false, arguments.length);

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