Tuesday, November 3, 2009


It was the first since the last
A month ago barely made me move
The same tune I sing
It goes like, baby, I still love you
Now you are beside me
Curled up and sleeping
It makes me want to kiss you
And whisper, baby, I still love you
Your calm, gentle touch
The smile I so miss
A perfect beside me, you make me lose my breath
Ironic, for you are my life
Then we went to the rooftop
Against the wind you brought me
Along with your dreams
You see the landscape, wide and big
I see the great height, I’m afraid to fall even more
‘Cause I know you can’t catch me
Baby, you’re leaving me…
I tried to look up
Saw the big clouds
You were so happy
And said they look sweet
You’re really heading up
Flying high to your dreams
Now you are beside me
Soon I’ll be lonely
I don’t know why I’m still here
Don’t give me hints you still love me..

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