Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I Dream

At my side, I always seek you
I always think I saw you
These corners of my eyes are such sweet fools!
My imagination insists itself as truths!
I dream big happiness for our tomorrow
That we each find ways to cure each passing day’s sorrow
With silent tenderness of our smiles
Before we lay at night, before we close our eyes
I dream big hope for our tomorrow
But with such simplicity as that of a sunflower
Which faces the sun amidst cold air
May we do the same as we build our lair
I dream big faith and trust for our tomorrow
That though at times we must separate as we go
We find two rivers, shallow as they are, must flow
Toward one deep ocean, and that, we always know
I dream true love to embrace us
That we do all ways to make each other feel this power
In our delicate actions
In our words that draw inspirations
I love you.

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