Saturday, November 7, 2009

Clow Card: The Fly

I picked a Clow Card: The Fly

The Fly (Reverse):  Confusion, carefulness, caring.  Look out above.

Just as I was thinking of you leaving me
There comes hope from this card that I picked
The Fly. It’s reversed. Well, what can I say,
Of course I thought you’ll never fly away

But if it is true
Why don’t you still come to rescue me
From this abyss of loneliness
From this cage of emptiness
Will the future be so far still
Will it not take effect so suddenly?
Can the card be wrong
Or I interpreted it incorrectly?

That is what is left when you said goodbye to me.
The point is that you did not leave me immediately.
You cared to still linger around
Finding me, searching still for my company
After you said goodbye to me.

That is what I wanted for you to show me.
Didn’t you realize I am hurting badly.
Your presence makes me high, your presence makes me low
So please be careful with me, understand my anxiety
After you said goodbye to me, you could have been more

So is the card lying?
Have I just construed it according to my liking?
Do I need now to look out above?
So I might get my hands ready
In case you change your mind
And you come flying toward me.

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